1.Since when does Jinemed provide orthopedic surgeries ?

Jinemed Hospital has been operating since 2005 and orthopedic surgeries have been popular since then. Operations are done by professional surgeons of Istanbul. Jinemed has been equipped with modern technology and a nice hotel looking enviornment so that our patients dont feel themselves actually in a hospital. We have a boutique service menthality , a closer relationship with our patients since Jinemed is designed as a medium size Hospital.

2. Do the surgeons speak English , what about the personnel ?

Yes all the surgeons speak English well. You will also be in touch with patient coordinators before your arrival, and during your stay in Istanbul who speak English good as well.  These coordinators will be available for you throughout the whole stay and also after your return for your questions

3.How is the process to get in touch with Jinemed and book the surgery  ?

If you are living outside of Istanbul, the best way to get in touch with us is via email. You can send us pictures of your recent X-rays and your medical history . Following this, we can get the opinions of our doctors. If you are living in London, you can contact our partner coordinator Ms Julia at 0330 555 5050 , VIP Global Clinics LT. She would be happy to assist you.

4. How long is the patient required to stay in Istanbul ?

This depends on the kind of the operation but mainly from 2 - 3 weeks is necessary including the physical therapy part. The therapie is done at a near by center to Jinemed.

5. What about the anesthisa ?

Patients will undergo a consultation with the anesthesia department to see if there are any medical risks that would prevent the patient from undergoing the procedure, such as high blood pressure, heart conditions etc. This is especially important as also older patients apply our clinic.

6.How long  do the operations last  ?

Knee and Hip replacement surgeries last about  4-5 hours.

7. Which airports can we fly to in Istanbul ?

You can use Ataturk Internation Airport or Sabiha Gokcen Airport

8. Will you provide transportation services from - to airport ?

Yes, and that would be at no extra cost

9. Will you provide food service ?

Yes, the patient and the companion will be able to have meals at the clinic 3 times a day.

10. Is there a fee for the companion to stay in the patient's room ?

Yes, please email us for the costs