Physical Therapy


fulya01An outpatient clinic specializing in the treatment of rheumatological, neurological and orthopedic diseases; sport related injuries and general rehabilitation.
One of the most famous and the most trusted instutition in this field in Europe.
This is a clinic established in 1997.
Since then we have succesfully completed the treatment of general public suffering from different diseases and the treatment of elite athletes and sportmen from different countries.


fulya02When we apply physical treatment agents, for example, heat, cold or electrical currents to an individual, we can overcome pain, inflamation, muscle rigidity and muscle spasm. As a result we can obtain a quick resolution of a muscle or joint problem and we can see the related pain diminish or completely finish.


When we say Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation we mean the treatment of bodily function insufficiency or loss following a disease, a trauma or an injury. After physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions a person will most probably be able to accomplish his/her daily activities of living.
The most commonly used physical therapy agents are superficial heat such as infrared light or hot packs application, deep application of heat by diathermy apparatus or ultrasound machines; cold application mostly in the beginning phase of certain diseases and the application of some electrical currents.
Whereas the application of physical therapy agents is useful in the beginning of most joint and muscle problems, a following rehabilitation program provides us with more sustainable results that help a sick person to return to his/her previous quality of life. That is why rehabilitation process comes after a physical therapy program or they are applied all together.
fulya03Rehabilitation mostly consists of therapeutic exercises and it means the regain of bodily functions that are lost due to some diseases.
Firstly the meaning of rehabilitation was the treatment of invalidity. As a result of recent advance in this field, it has now a broader meaning: it covers all treatment activities by physical interventions that aim the restart of physical, psychological, social and economical independence of a sick or disabled person.
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is always applied by a team consisting of Spacialist Doctors, Physical Therapists and some other disciplines members such as Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists.
The application of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is foreseen during the course following diseases: Pain related to rheumatological diseases; vertebrae pain: pain in the neck, dorsal region and lower back; some neurological diseases; orthopedical diseases and surgeries and sport injuries.
fulya04SPORTOMED is a physical therapy and rehabilitation instutition located in İstanbul.
We give service to our patients in 2 different locations: one at the European side of the city the other at the Asian side of the city.
We provide all kind of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for the prevention and the treatment of all kind of sport injuries; for the treatment of Neurological diseases, Rheumatological diseases and Orthopedic operations, for instance, after hip, knee, ankle and shoulder oparations as well as joint replacements.
We treat neck pain, back pain, hip and groin pain, wrist and hand pain, tennis or golfer elbow, frozen shoulder, rib and chest pain, sciatica, whiplash, headaches, balance problems and very recently foot problems.


fulya05Our main values are based on 2 essential principles: general work ethics and patients rights.

Our general work principles:

  • The main aim of the therapy is to help the patient reach the quality of life s/he had before the disease or injury.
  • We respect the patient´s right unconditionally.
  • Each person is treated as an individual. We apply holistic approach and try to diagnose all medical problems.
  • We respect a patient´s convenience and we try to arrange the therapy time. We provide flexible appointments.
  • We respect a person´s right to have information during the therapy sessions: we provide the individual with the details of treatment regime, its benefits and risks and we offer choices; eventually we respect any individual choice.
  • We provide our clients with a clean an hygienic treatment place.
  • Our patients know that there are therapists and a doctor on site.
  • We follow the medical and technical advance in our field.
  • We want to give a high standard service.

fulya06Patient rights:

  • We know that each patient has a right to have a healthy life and has a right to be provided by new treatment options.
  • We offer equal service to individual regardless of his/her age, sex, religion, ethnic group.
  • We give medical information to our patients.
  • We respect a person´s right to start and terminate treatment and to choose his/her medical team and to change service provider.
  • We respect the right to ask the details of the treatment offered.
  • Confidentiality is essential during the offer of a service.
  • We always ask for consent before starting a treatment.
  • We offer our clients a clean and secure environment.
  • Everyone has a right to be treated respectfully.
  • Our patients have the right to accept visitors and likewise they have right to be accompanied by a third person during the examination and the treatment.
  • The customer has a right to make complaints.
  • The customer has a right to have ongoing service.

Our locations:

fulya07We are located at the European side of İstanbul: FULYA SPORTOMED.
Fulya Sportomed is located at the intersection of some main avenues of the city: Hakki Yeten Avenue No:19, Floor:4 . İt is placed on a surface of 400 squaremeters. We can give service to 18 people at the same time. We provide cabines with phone, internet service, lockers and showers. Our customers can enjoy a relaxation at the special sections and they can also enjoy drinks at ´the vitamin bar´.
We have all kind of physical therapy equipment, exercises and rehabilitation equipment. We have isokinetique exercise and test equipment CYBEX.
Physical Therapy Specialist Doctors, A Sport Medicine Specialist Doctor and Physiotherapists are on duty.
Our second location is at the Asian side of the city on the most attractive avenue in İstanbul: SUADİYE SPORTOMED.
Bagdat Caddesi No 471. İt covers a surface of 300 squaremeters and 18 patients can be provided service at the same time. We have physical therapy equipment, exercises and rehabilitation equipment and CYBEX testing and exercise system. Physical Therapy Specialist Doctors, A Sport Medecine Specialist Doctor and Physiotherapists are on duty.
We have agreement with most of the private health insurance companies.
We receive referrals from orthopedic surgeons and other specialist doctors.
You can refer yourself directly to our clinic.
Do not forget the sooner you start a therapy the quicker the recovery comes.
Our patients can be assessed daily by the doctor on duty.
Our Physiotherapists apply ongoing assessment and can change the therapy options according to their findings.


Accurate diagnosis and effective prompt treatment.
We want to relieve pain, restore the function of an organ or of the body and bring your health to an upper level.
Come and enjoy the highest level of service provided by our dedicated specialists. We are ready to give you what you deserve and extend our service beyond your expectations.
We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about health related issues, the staff, the treatment options, the payment options. Do not forget whatever your age is one day you might need physiotherapy.