World-Class Treatment, Personalized Service

At Orthopedics Turkey, the Jinemed Hospital, we understand that traveling for medical services is a new concept. The medical tourism field is starting to flourish not only in Europe but also in the United States, as a result of the high cost of some treatments and, especially for infertility patients, the fact that few people have insurance coverage for their family-building needs.

Because Orthopedic Turkey has been working with patients from European countries for several years now, we have developed the staff and systems necessary to make the process an easy one.

Just as you would expect from a luxury travel service, Orthopedics Turkey provides for our traveling patients' needs with dedicated staff and affiliates.

Patient Coordinators

Communications between patients, their American and European board physicians, and the Orthopedics Turkey staff are handled through email, phone, and when convenient, video-conferencing. The Patient Coordinators make sure that pertinent test results and other medical records are satisfactorily transferred between treatment team members. Likewise, they arrange doctor-patient phone consultations.

In addition, the Patient Coordinators will assist you with:

hotel accomodations, from boutique hotels such as Seraglio Hotel to high class luxury hotels such as Taksim Gonen.

air transportation upon request,

sight-seeing and translation services upon request

Securing a visa for travel to Turkey is generally problem-free, which can typically be purchased upon arrival in the country.