Knee Replacement


   Unilateral , Bilateral, Total Knee Replacements

    are done daily at Jinemed Hospital.


·       We have a team of 3 orthopedic surgeons and we also offer physical therapy in the same venue.

·       The coordination of multip disciplines makes the outcome much better for our patients.

·       The surgeries take 3-5 hours on average. General anesthesia is given. 4 days of hospitilziation is required.

·       Prothesises are guranteed.

·       All pre Treatment tests will be included in the prices.

·       If you have medical reports available please send them to us at  to receive the analysis of the medical team.

·       Please dont forget that not all reports require surgeries.

·       If you are unsure about the situation , please send them to us for second review, absolutely free.